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Understanding Inheritance Tax Rules

Understanding Inheritance Tax Rules Importance of individuals understanding what is and what is not exempt from inheritance tax highlighted. Those that are dealing with an estate after a spouse has died or who are planning their own affairs must take note of the nil...

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I.S.A.s Changing Britain’s Savings Landscape

I.S.A.s Changing Britain's Savings Landscape I.S.A.s continue to grow in scope and popularity nearly 20 years after their introduction. In an environment where the alternatives are not performing, I.S.A.s have become the preferred method of saving for many British...

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“Back Door Taxation” To Be Placed On Probate Process

“Back Door Taxation” To Be Placed On Probate Process Those dealing with a deceased's estate to face higher fees. It was announced via government websites that the fees charged for those going through the process of probate will change in May 2017. Tiered System The...

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